Area chart showing total cumulative number of individuals in our merged respondent level dataset

HUMAN Surveys stands for Human Understanding Measured Across National (HUMAN) Surveys. We use public opinion surveys that are (1) nationally representative of adult populations and (2) freely and publicly available. We specialize in maintaining the largest merged database of its kind in the world.

Making comparisons between surveys is difficult and time-consuming because the same concepts are asked about using different questions. Even when the questions are similar the variable names, answer scales, and missing values often differ. We format variables to be consistent, merge data together from many sources, and harmonise data across surveys. Doing all this work means that our merged database enables unprecedented comparative analysis of global public opinion.

The aim of HUMAN Surveys is to enable formatting any variable from any freely available and nationally representative survey

Our scripting framework is setup to add variables from any of the included sources and we regularly add additional sources. We continue to broaden and deepen our understanding of national populations to enable answering important research questions. Please contact us if you would like to know more about the merged data or anything else.