HUMAN Surveys stands for Human Understanding Measured Across National (HUMAN) Surveys. The project formats and merges public opinion surveys that are (1) nationally representative of adult populations and (2) freely available. Making comparisons between surveys has traditionally been difficult and time-consuming. For example, the same variables have different names and values across sources. We developed data management solutions to solve this problem using Stata scripts. The integrated databases produced by these scripts provide unprecedented access to global public opinion surveys. We make it easier to compare across multiple surveys, enabling researchers to better understand national populations and answer new questions.

The aim of HUMAN Surveys is to enable formatting and merging any variable from any freely available and nationally representative survey.

Video of our scripts running – a full update takes several hours

Scripting Framework

Our scripting framework provides access to most high-quality public opinion surveys. Moreover, those that are not yet included can be quickly added. We have already formatted and included dozens of variables, and our framework is setup to easily add more. By constantly adding more sources and formatting more variables, we continue to broaden and deepen our understanding of populations across more countries. Cross-survey data harmonization is time-consuming, frustrating, methodical, and expensive work, but we maintain the largest integrated database of its kind in the world. Our framework consists of thousands of pages of Stata scripts that format, save, merge, and harmonise variables from hundreds of source datasets.