Bar chart showing number of national surveys per year

We maintain three data warehouses to enable research at different levels of analysis and provide flexibility for many types of research. The first is micro-level individual data that includes millions of respondents from most countries in the world. The second data warehouse contains macro-level country-surveys scores, which are created by averaging answers from respondents in each national survey. The third contains country-year scores, which average all overlapping country-survey scores to create one score per country per year.

Analyze 17,824,983 survey respondents across 182 countries from 1948 onwards to conduct unprecedented original research


The work of formatting and harmonizing variables is time-consuming and in some instances highly complex. We do so as needed for different research projects, which means that the progress of selected variables differs across the sources. However, once we format variables they are available for other research projects. With time and by working with to others, we continue expanding the scope and breadth of included variables.