Our integrated datasets provide many opportunities for original research because they provide unprecedented temporal and geographical coverage. This makes it possible to study long-term trends with greater accuracy across more regions of the world. The integrated dataset provides access to sufficient numbers of small sub-populations that have traditionally been difficult to study statistically. The ability to run repeated parallel models across multiple surveys increases the robustness of findings. The inclusion of most countries enables more control variables and increases the generalizability of findings. Whatever your question or problem, using merged public opinion datasets provides a way to expand your methodological options and answer new research questions with greater accuracy and reliability.

Collaborate with us to gain timely access to the largest integrated database of high quality public opinion surveys in the world


We collaborate with others who have complementary skills and knowledge to produce papers, articles, reports, blog posts, data visualizations, and other publications. Collaborating with us will enable you to vastly expand the scope of your analysis, produce potentially ground-breaking results, and do so in far less time than otherwise possible. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

  • Collaboration entails co-authorship and shared workloads
  • Projects can be with individuals, small teams, or institutions
  • Collaboration is possible when using already formatted variables


We can provide specialised assistance for public opinion research projects. This approach is most applicable when the variables in which you are interested have not been formatted yet. We can help with formatting these additional variables, including more survey sources, and conducting most kinds of data analysis and interpretation. Please contact us to discuss your project.

  • Research assistance entails a mix of paid work and co-authorship
  • Assistance includes the ability to analyse previously formatted variables
  • Research assistance options are adaptable to all types of projects

Recent Collaboration