Our merged database enables original research with unprecedented temporal and geographical coverage. This makes it possible to study long-term trends with greater accuracy across more regions of the world than ever before. The database also provides access to sufficient numbers of small sub-populations that have traditionally been difficult to study statistically. The huge numbers of observations and breadth of coverage provide opportunities to answer all kinds of new research questions with greater accuracy, reliability, and generalizability.

Collaborate with us to gain timely access to the largest database of high quality public opinion surveys in the world


We collaborate with other researchers to build teams containing complementary skills. This enables taking on larger research projects, expanding the scope of analysis, and producing ground-breaking results. Together, we produce more ambitious papers, articles, reports, data visualizations, and other research outputs in far less time than otherwise possible. Please contact us to discuss your ideas for collaboration.

Previous Collaboration

Cover of the Global Satisfaction with Democracy 2020 report

Our first report from the Centre for the Future of Democracy at the Bennett Institute for Public Policy with the University of Cambridge uses HUMAN Surveys data. It analyses 4 million respondents across 25 sources and has attracted international media attention from BBC, CNBC, The Times, The Atlantic, Newsweek, International Business Times, and been featured in The Washington Post and The Conversation.