We format and merge selected variables from all rounds, waves, or modules from the surveys listed below. This list is constantly expanding as we find and add more sources to broaden the scope of the project and fill gaps in our understanding of individual countries. A list of future surveys to be included is provided further below. Please contact us if there are other sources we should consider for inclusion.

Gain insights from 15,157 national surveys contained in 1,448 datasets from 59 survey sources

Future Surveys

Having formatted most major cross-national survey sources, we are now focused on including national survey series – that is, national survey programs running multiple waves or rounds within one country. Many of these national surveys are expected to meet the inclusion criteria of being nationally representative of adult populations and making datasets available free of charge. The following is a partial list of other potential surveys to include. Please contact us if you know of a survey that should be listed here.

  • Austrian National Election Study
  • Center for Research on Social Reality
  • Dutch Parliamentary Electoral Studies
  • Elections to the Congreso de los Diputados
  • European Working Conditions Surveys
  • General Social Survey of the European USSR
  • General Social Survey of the Russian Federation and Central Asia
  • German General Social Survey
  • Hellenic National Election Studies
  • Institutions of Democracy
  • Italian Mass Election Survey
  • Italian National Election Studies
  • Japanese Election Study
  • Japanese National Election Study
  • National Annenberg Election Survey
  • Norwegian Election Surveys
  • Polish Panel Survey
  • Political Participation and Equality in Seven Nations
  • Portuguese Electoral Study
  • Quality of Canadian Life
  • Russian Election Study
  • Social Weather Stations Survey
  • Swedish National Election Studies
  • Swiss Electoral Studies
  • Views of the Electorate Research Survey