Public Opinion. Simplified.

Heat map showing total number of surveys in each country.


Human Understanding Measured Across National (HUMAN) Surveys specializes in formatting, merging, and harmonizing freely available and nationally representative public opinion surveys. We do this for our own large scale research projects, but can now use our established framework to help others. Our aim is to enable formatting and merging all variables from all surveys around the world.

Our framework merges thousands of surveys in hundreds of datasets across multiple sources to provide unprecedented geographical coverage, better understanding of historical trends, more accurate and reliable findings, more generalizable results, increased breadth of control variables, and access to sufficient respondents from small sub-populations. Please contact us if you want to use cross-survey public opinion data in reports, articles, papers or other research. We welcome co-authorship opportunities.


A recent report from the Centre for the Future of Democracy with the Bennett Institute for Public Policy at the University of Cambridge uses HUMAN Surveys data. The report analyses global satisfaction with democracy using 4 million respondents across 25 sources and has attracted international media attention from BBC, CNBC, The Times, The Atlantic, Newsweek, International Business Times, and many other news outlets.


Previous versions of our datasets are available through Harvard Dataverse, but the latest version includes 10 million respondents in 8500 surveys across 170 countries from over 30 sources. Formatted variables include satisfaction with democracy, support for democracy, perceived electoral integrity, self-reported electoral participation, trust in seven institutions, internal and external political efficacy, past/present/future views of both personal finances and the national economy, political interest, basic demographics and many others.