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Heat map showing total years of data for each country


A recent report from the Centre for the Future of Democracy uses HUMAN Surveys data – 4.8 million respondents in 160 countries between 1973 and 2020.  Findings show youth satisfaction with democracy is lower than other age groups and lower than previous generations at the same stage of life. The report has been featured by The Financial Times, The Guardian, Forbes, The Times, and many others.

Cover of the Youth Satisfaction with Democracy 2020 report


The current version of our merged database includes 18 million respondents in over 15000 surveys from 60 sources since the 1940s. A previous version of the merged data is available through Harvard Dataverse as an example. However, we will not be releasing future merged datasets like this as we do not own the data. The database nevertheless continues to expand as we add more sources and variables for ongoing research projects.

Total cumulative number of respondents included in the merged database


With survey data from 182 countries and over 80 sources, our merged database provides unprecedented opportunists for comparative and time-series research. We work with cross-national sources such as the World Values Survey and national series such as the American National Election Studies. Combining data from so many different sources provides longer term and broader coverage of more countries.

Dr Andrew Klassen, Prinicipal Researcher, HUMAN Surveys